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Winner of Best Aging Book Silver Medal 2009
“In a culture focused on youth, or the illusion of perpetual youth, the contributions of our elders are often overlooked. In this anthology, thirty nine people, thirty nine stories-a diverse informative, revealing look at the ‘over the hill generation’ may surprise many by its powerful witness to what living audaciously and authentically looks like-at whatever number of years we have lived.

The contributors to this work and to the expansion of our understandings of aging, represent a broad spectrum of professional expertise. Many share personal reflections on their journey along with their professional input. There are, throughout, common threads, highlighting the special gifts, as well as the challenges, to aging well in our society.

Blessed are we who are able to listen to the voices of the dreamers, the searchers, the pioneers, the wise ones among us, whatever their age. Blessed are we young and old and in-between, who, hopefully, can come together to build a ‘society where everybody is recognized for their own special contributions and age is merely a number.’ (Cohen, Raines (2009, p, 81-82).”

—Patricia M. Berliner, CSJ, PhD
August 2009, Metanoia: Change of Heart

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“As we age we need encouragement from others; the knowing that transformation is natural and we can choose to wallow in some of the changes, or embrace them openly and enjoy the years of wisdom, clarity and empowerment. A group of well-known healers and inspirationalists have given us just that. The compilation of narratives with experiences and how their work contributes to “audacious aging” comes from forty forerunners such as Joan Borysenko, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Larry Dossey, Gloria Steinem and Andrew Weil. Each narrative is powerful, encouraging, and most of all contemplative as well paralleling our own lives.”

—Irene Watson
September 2009, Readerviews

“Editor Stephanie Marohan has compiled 40 people’s life experiences: it’s a great grab bag of doctors, researchers, writers, singers, actors, spiritualists and she’s asked them for their secrets on aging.

Some people’s thoughts are two pages long, others over four. I read all 40 contributors. I think they all impart good solid messages, which are wise reminders for us all. The single reoccurring theme from all 40 voices was you must take responsibility for yourself in matters of health and mind…. Simply breath deeply, meditate, and most importantly, take stock of what’s good about your life, and what you want to change.

We are in control; we all have the power to change. Perhaps Audacious Aging will inspire you, or perhaps it will merely confirm what’s been rattling in the back of your brain for weeks. Follow your gut, it’s all yours to grab.”

—Louise Dewar
August 2009

“An upbeat, eye-opening, and often enlightening read. Loaded with tips, anecdotes, scientific discoveries, and even some plain old common sense, this book can point readers in new directions, provide inspiration for the journey, or just become a pleasant visit with others who’ve been down the road.”

—November 2009, MyShelf

“A new generation is evolving together through the passage of eldership. In Audacious Aging, we collect their voices, full of wisdom, fierceness, compassion and gentleness. They are the graceful and eloquent transformative agents our communities and our planet are now seeking. This book brings together voices from medicine, psychology, business, government, the media, and entertainment, to articulate a brilliant new vision of the possibilities of the second half of life. Some are in their nineties, others are in their twenties, yet they share a common vision of aging. Not content with “going gently into that good night,” they all see midlife and beyond as a gateway to changing the planet, and accelerating their personal transformation. They expect to live long, healthy, active and influential lives. They are profoundly engaged at the crossroads of crises and opportunities on Earth, and in this inspiring book, they paint a brilliant new picture of the opportunities that come with aging audaciously.”

—June 2009, New Consciousness Review